Geometry Kit

Our Braille Geometry Kit, available in Nemeth and UEB, will allow your student to work and solve geometric problems, as well as, graph them on our double-sided, framed work surface.

  • Framed work surface with raised gridlines on one side for graphing, blank on opposite side for working equations, etc.
  • Standard sized Braille centered on each tile
  • Pre-cut geometric shapes identified with print and Braille
  • Optional Trig Calculus Add-on is available

Replacement Pieces and Add-ons

If you’re looking for an add-on or replacement piece for your Braille Geometry Kit , or if you would like to have extra pieces for your classroom you can choose from the Trig-Calculus Add-on Kit, or the Geometry replacements, and accessories for your blind or visually impaired students and children.

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