Algebra Add-On Kit

The Math Window® Braille Algebra Add-On kit compliments our Braille Basic Math Kit and is also available in standard Print/Braille, Large Print, and Math Challenged. It contains letters of the alphabet to use as variables, as well as the higher math symbols used in algebraic computations.  When added to our Basic kits, your student will have the moveable tiles necessary to complete problems in Pre Algebra, Algebra I, and Algebra II.  It is a must have for any student continuing in their mathematical studies!

  • Available in Nemeth Code or UEB for Braille users
  • Use our non-Braille version to complement Math Challenged Basic kits
Braille Alegra Add-on Kit

Replacement Pieces and Add-ons

If you’re looking for the Basic Math Kit to make a complete kit, or if you would like to have extra pieces for your classroom you can find the Basic Math Kit, and other Math Window accessories for your blind or visually impaired students and children below.

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