Chemistry Kit

Our Math Window® Chemistry Kit provides your student with the complete set of tools needed to understand chemical principles and solve chemistry problems in the mainstream classroom. Each chemistry kit is available in Nemeth and UEB and features:

  • Magnetic tiles (in print and Braille)
  • Innovative element tile storage trays
  • Periodic Table of the Elements
  • Print/Braille reference sheets detailing each element
  • Element Circles and Bond Lines

Watch This Video To Learn More About Our Chemistry Kit

One of the instructors that helped us with our new chemistry kit development was interviewed recently about it. Please watch the video for the full interview and an overview of our Chemistry Kit.

Replacement Pieces and Add-ons

If you don’t need the full chemistry kit and only need to order a replacement piece, or if you would like to have extra pieces for your classroom or home you can choose from the following chemistry pieces for your blind or visually impaired students and children.

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